From the General Manager

From the General Manager
Nov 18


Since my last communique we have seen the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival come and go and seen the NBL go to incredible heights. A record attendance in Sydney on the weekend ( 17,500+) and nearly a million overseas viewers via the internet. I mention this specifically because basketball continues to grow in interest h... [MORE]
From the General Manager
Oct 10

From the General Manager (October 2019)

Much has happened over the past few weeks.... Just a quick update for our loyal basketball followers Basketball Forums FDBA President Tim Bower and myself conducted a community basketball forum over 2 nights where everyone from our basketball community could attend and hear about the strategy that has been dev... [MORE]
From the General Manager
Aug 16

From the General Manager (August 2019)

Another month has past… and what a month! The introduction of our new behavioural policy has made an instant positive impact with the feedback from referees and players extremely positive, thank you to all of the participants and coaches that have contacted the office to support the contemporary standard. Well don... [MORE]
From the General Manager
Jul 24

From the General Manager (July 2019)

Well time does fly when you are kinda having fun. I have been with the FDBA as General Manager for 4 Months now and it seems just like yesterday that I started. In this time I have learnt much about the workings of a basketball association but its proven clear that to be successful we need to ensure the following 4 ... [MORE]