Carrum Downs Secondary College ‘Community Sports Hub’

Currently used as a Frankston Blues and domestic club training facility, Carrum Downs SC received state government funding to construct an additional indoor basketball court adjacent to their current indoor sports facility.

In discussions with Carrum Downs SC School Council, an opportunity exists to build a third indoor basketball court as part of the school’s projected works commencing in early 2019.

The building of additional courts at Carrum Downs SC aligns with the school and association’s vision of developing a community sports hub for weekend competitions and mid-week training.

A proposal of having state committed funds ($2.5mill) to the expansion of Frankston basketball stadium reallocated to this project is currently with state government representatives. The budget for this project is in the range of $3mill – $5mill.

*Carrum Downs SC is located in the state seat of Carrum; and federal seat of Dunkley.