The following previews were written by FDBA staff member and current university student (Bachelor of Sports Media) Dylan Smith.

His thoughts and opinions may not be shared by the FDBA Front Office.

Tuesday Men A

When: Tuesday, March 30th – 7:10pm

Where: Frankston Basketball Stadium – Court 5

Who: The Goonies vs Panthers

Last time they met: The Goonies- 46 defeat Panthers- 34

The Goonies have cruised this season, winning eight matches from nine appearances, and entering the grand final on an unbeaten streak of six games.

Cade Egan has been electric for The Goonies, raining down three after three and posting 15 points per game over the course of the season.

He has led the leagues best offence, which has produced 50.5 points per game, seven points clear of the next best team in the competition.

These sides have met four times this season, with The Goonies winning every one of those matchups by an average of 18 points.

It will be vital for the Panthers leading scorer Nick Fullerton (7.2 per game) to step up and have a big game if they want to have a sniff at overcoming The Goonies.

The closest the Panthers have come to beating the Goonies was in round 11 when they fell short by just three points.

They held Egan to 10 points in that game and it proved that defending him well played a key part in them having a chance to steal a win.

If Egan is held to less than 10 points on Tuesday night, I can see a big upset brewing.

The Panthers are a well-rounded team in terms of scoring so I do not see them having much trouble on the offensive end, their defence will be the driving force behind a potential win here.

Prediction: The Goonies by 6

Tuesday Men B

When: Tuesday, 30th of March – 9:10pm

Where: Frankston Basketball Stadium – Court 5

Who: Feanos vs Skye Bombers

Last time they met: Feanos-46 defeat Skye Bombers- 35

Since joining B Grade in round five, Feanos have won all six of their regular season matches and snuck into fourth position on the ladder.

Heath Gregory has been instrumental in their success, posting 16.2 points per game in what can only be described as a phenomenal season.

These two teams are impossible to split, only 0.1 points separates them on their points per game this summer, Feanos putting up 46.5 per contest and the Skye Bombers sitting at 46.4.

In their earlier matchup this season, Feanos beat the Bombers by 11 off the back of five 3-pointers and 19 points from Heath Gregory.

Chris Aedy played an integral role for the Bombers in this game, scoring 11 points, along with three field goals from downtown as well.

Aedy has led the Skye Bombers to seven wins from 10 games this season and has scored 16.3 points per game across that span.

Who wins on Tuesday may be as simple as who out of Aedy and Gregory makes more threes on the night.

It should be a great shooting display across the board and will be a fun game to watch.

Prediction: Feanos by 3

Tuesday Men C

When: Tuesday, 30th of March – 8:10pm

Where: Frankston Basketball Stadium – Court 5

Who: Get On The Beers vs Knights

Last time they met: Get On The Beers- 38 defeat Knights- 24

These two teams could not be going any better right now.

The Knights, who started with one win from four games have stormed home, winning their last five regular season games and then securing back-to-back finals wins to earn a grand final spot.

While Get On The Beers have not lost a single game, winning all 10 matches and scoring 44.2 points per game across that span.

Darryl Clark and Justin Allen have been superb all season for Get On The Beers, combining for 23.4 points per game, which is 53% of the teams total scoring output for the season.

The Knights have a similar duo on their side too, with their leading scorers Brendan Piening and Michael Kats combining for 17.6 points per game, accounting for 54% of their total scoring.

The Knights also possess a great defensive unit too, allowing just 30.5 points per game which is the best in the competition.

Get On The Beers follow close behind though, allowing 30.9 points per contest.

While it would seem that Get On The Beers have an edge, a third scorer has emerged for the Knights which could bolster their chances.

Aaron Terlaak has averaged 11.5 points per game in the Knights two finals games and is a sneaky chance to perform well once again.

If two of the Knights top three scorers can crack double digit scoring, they will have a massive chance of pulling this one out.

Prediction: Knights by 1

Tuesday Men D1

When: Tuesday, 30th of March – 7:00pm

Where: Frankston Basketball Stadium – Court 3

Who: Blazers vs The Peanuts

Last time they met: N/A

The Blazers have had a nice little run leading into the grand final, winning their last four matches, including two against the ladder leading Men at Work.

Shane Rowely has averaged 11 points per game over that four-game span and has had a solid season overall, leading the team with 9.3 points per game over the summer.

On The Peanuts side of things, they finished second on the ladder, winning seven games from nine appearances and defeating Men at Work in the qualifying final to secure a spot in the big dance.

Aaron Mason has been huge for The Peanuts, scoring 17.2 points per game this season and a 21-point outing in the qualifying final.

There is no question that stopping Mason will be the Blazers number one priority coming into Tuesday night.

The Blazers do have what it takes to contain him though, across the season they have been the best in the league at constricting their opponents scoring, allowing just 24.8 points per game.

The Peanuts last loss came in round 10 against Duke Street, Mason was held to 14 points in that game, and it may have been the reason why Duke Street was able to win.

If the Blazers can keep him below his season average and Rowley can put up double digits for the Blazers, they will have a great chance of winning.

Prediction: Blazers by 2

Tuesday Men D2

When: Tuesday, 30th of March – 8:00pm

Where: Frankston Basketball Stadium – Court 3

Who: Crave vs Jack’s Angles

Last time they met: N/A

Jack’s Angles won their last three games of the regular season to sneak into the finals and claim fourth position.

In their two finals games Jack’s Angles, and in particular, Ben Fewster, have gone absolutely bananas.

Fewster has scored 67 points in Jack’s Angles two finals games, including knocking down nine total three pointers.

This caps off a monster season from Fewster who has averaged a lazy 23.5 points per game.

It would not be surprising to see him put up another 30-bomb in the grand final as he has shown he is not afraid to tell his teammates to ‘get out of the way, I’m going to get us a bucket’.

However, Crave are outstanding defensively and have been the leagues best defensive team, conceding just 24.3 points per game.

And not to mention they have the best offence in the competition too, pouring in 38 points per game this season.

This is thanks to a very solid season from Erich Ludewig who scored 9.1 points per game for his team this summer.

What could be another worry for Jack’s Angles is the Chapman brothers, who exploded for 20 points each in the qualifying final a fortnight ago.

It appears that Crave have a multitude of offensive weapons they can use to win, while Jack’s Angles may have to rely heavily on Fewster to have a massive night if they are to win.

All it may take is to win is for Crave to send double teams at Fewster in order to claim victory, time will tell.

Prediction: Crave by 8