Frankston Blues (FDBA) are proud to announce the following award winners, for the recently cancelled 2020/21 VJBL season.

Although it’s unfortunate the season was cancelled, and limited games were able to be played, the club still wanted to acknowledge the efforts of individuals in all teams, with coach-selected Coaches Awards.

FDBA Basketball Development Manager Jarryd Moss, spoke about the awards.

“This has been another challenging year for our Junior Blues players, coaches and families and we’d like to thank them all for their hard work and resilience”

“Each year our coaches are asked to nominate one player from their team, they may choose to nominate their best performing player on court or a player that has shown outstanding commitment and character – it is completely up to them, hence it is the Coaches Award”

“Congratulations to these players and to our Rising Star Award recipients”

Additionally, the club’s Rising Star Awards were selected as four individuals of both genders and ages groups of Under 12 & 14s and Under 16 & 18s.

Selected by the Junior Blues Coaching Coordinators, the Rising Star Award is presented to the players who have had an outstanding season and the club feels are likely to be successful at a high level for years to come.

This year’s Rising Star Awards go to Denver Warry (Under 12 & 14 Boys), Sitaya Fagan (Under 12 & 14 Girls), Jesse Lans (Under 16 & 18 Boys) and Bonnie Deas (Under 16 & 18 Girls).

The players selected this year have executed elite-level skills well above what is normal in their age group and are identified as athletes we believe have the potential to be NBL1 players in the future.

The above-mentioned awards will be ready for collection after our return to indoor sport.

The club will also celebrate graduating Junior Blues, those that played 8 seasons from Under 12 to Under 18, following the easing of restrictions.


Boys Under 12/14 Denver Warry
Boys Under 16/18 Jesse Lans
Girls Under 12/14 Sitaya Fagan
Girls Under 16/18 Bonnie Deas


Boys Under 12.1 Diezel Paratene
Boys Under 12.2 Nathanial Lea
Boys Under 12.3 Angus Lyon
Boys Under 12.4 Tait White
Boys Under 12.5 Hamish Campbell
Boys Under 12.6 Xavier Ries
Boys Under 12.7 Zachary Taylor
Boys Under 14.1 Denver Warry
Boys Under 14.2 Riley Howard
Boys Under 14.3 Brodie McMilllan
Boys Under 14.4 Jordan Thompson
Boys Under 14.5 Chase Parsons
Boys Under 16.1 Alex Dimic
Boys Under 16.2 Tavaka Fanaua
Boys Under 16.3 Caleb Storen
Boys Under 16.4 Liam Vella
Boys Under 16.5 Matthew Shacklock
Boys Under 16.6 Jarret Richardson
Boys Under 18.1 Braithyn Kerr
Boys Under 18.2 Lachlan Jensen
Boys Under 18.3 Jack MacDonald
Boys Under 18.4 Zeke Agesa
Girls Under 12.1 Irina Ibralic
Girls Under 12.2 Bridie Campbell
Girls Under 12.3 Amelia Muccignat
Girls Under 12.4 Lilian Lacey
Girls Under 12.5 Genevieve Jones
Girls Under 12.6 Olivia McLelland
Girls Under 14.1 Sitaya Fagan
Girls Under 14.2 Marion Hakaraia-Graham
Girls Under 14.3 Charlotte Kilby
Girls Under 14.4 Millie Whitely
Girls Under 14.5 Alessandra Commons
Girls Under 16.1 Bonnie Deas
Girls Under 16.2 Poppy Lean
Girls Under 16.3 Claudia McHugh
Girls Under 18.1 Zoe Harvey
Girls Under 18.2 Eden Taylor
Girls Under 18.3 Martha Power