The Walking Basketball program is a low impact, social and fun way to improve the levels of physical activity for inactive and slightly active Victorians including those recovering from injury. The program provides optimal health benefits to all who participate including those who might be intimidated by the pace and impact of a traditional basketball game but love the slower more social version of Walking Basketball. 

Walking basketball is for participants across all ages, genders and abilities and helps to maintain and improve health and decrease risk factors associated with sedentary behavior.

What makes Walking Basketball stand out from most activities is that it doesn’t matter if you have never played the game of basketball before or you are pretty handy on the court as this will still be a level playing field for everyone within a social, fun and non-competitive environment.

Thursdays 10:00am to 11:00am – Starts 5th of March, runs for 4 weeks.

Frankston Basketball Stadium – Court 1
90 Bardia Ave, Seaford 3198


Tea, coffee and snacks will be provided following the session in the foyer.