Regional Academy is pleased to announce that in 2019 we will be launching our first Sporting Schools Program.

With the support of Basketball Australia and Basketball Victoria, we can now offer programs during school hours through the government funded Sporting Schools Initiative (SSI).

SSI allows schools to apply for funding for different sports which can go towards equipment and professionally run development programs.

Frankston Basketball Programs Coordinator Jarryd Moss was excited at the prospect of being able to offer these sessions to the schools in our community.

“For us its about the opportunity to get out in to our community and encourage kids to be physically active”

“We’ve been working hard to improve our grassroots after school programs at Frankston Stadium but not all families have the time and resources to enrol their children in these programs, Sporting Schools allows us to send professional players and coaches out in to the community at no extra cost to the parents or the schools”

David Peters, head of Physical Education at Belvedere Park Primary School in Seaford had this to say about the Sporting Schools Program.

“At Belvedere Park Primary School we have been involved in the Sporting Schools program since it was rolled out across Australia 4 year ago.

The children have been introduced to various sports and coached by professionals in their chosen field.

The professionalism and engagement has been of a high value and all the children aged 5-13 have had an opportunity to participate.

The school also receives an allocation for the purchase of to develop the skills they have developed.

We are pleased to have Regional Academy assist us this year with our Basketball program.”

To find out more about how your school can apply for Sporting Schools funding and have programs as a part of your curriculum please click HERE.

For any other enquiries please contact our Programs Coordinator, Jarryd Moss via email