Basketball Victoria is undertaking a Registration Project which will see SportsTG phased out and all Associations migrated to a new platform called PlayHQ.

The BV Registration Project is about aligning all basketball participants across the state under a common fee structure ensuring a standardised online registration process.

A common registration process will provide an accurate state-wide database to assist with member and competition management across all administration levels, and provide a clear and consistent customer and user experience for all participants, clubs and associations.

The new model will see participants pay an annual subscription directly to BV

This is a one-off 365 day payment that permits members to participate in BV sanctioned competitions.

Team registration fees will likely still be paid each season to associations and will be adjusted to reflect the change.

An individual association player registration fee may also apply in addition to the BV subscription.

PlayHQ Timeline

  • Summer Season 2019-20 – Select pilot group of associations
  • Autumn Season 2020 – associations and clubs that conduct an autumn season, electronic scoring
  • Winter Season 2020 onwards – a staged approach with remaining associations and clubs
  • Leagues – VJBL, CBL & Big V will come on board during 2020 as required

FDBA is currently forecast for PlayHQ rollout for the Winter 2020 season.

Play HQ Resources:

Individual Registration Project  – Why?

Issues with current vendor:

  • Existing solution is built on old technology, is inflexible and no longer fit for purpose
  • Continued failure to deliver on any deadline or the new, proposed platform – “Gameday”
  • Support level has dropped, the number of system faults has increased, customers are actively avoiding system use – causing segregation (particularly clubs)

Why change?

  • Align the state with an equitable fee (BV) structure
  • Single source of truth – accurate data
  • Provide a modern tech solution – “Built by basketball, for basketball”
  • Legal Compliance – Australian Privacy Act / Data Protection legislation “Personal information should only be collected directly from the person it belongs to, unless it’s impossible or impracticable to do so” – Australian Privacy Principles
  • Extra resources across technology and digital support

What is changing?

Process: Compulsory online individual registration

Technology: New platform – ‘built by basketball, for basketball’


  • No ‘additional fees’
  • Realignment to an individual participant registration model in Metro Melbourne
  • Equitable (BV) fees in Victoria (country and/or metro)
  • Note: a proportion of a metro participants fees already come to BV via associations passing on a ‘team based’ fee component, individual registration will replace that.

User Experience: Easy, fast and user friendly for participants and administrators

What will this mean?


  • Compulsory online individual registration
  • Single streamlined registration process – player, parent, referee, coach, administrator etc.
  • Ability to manage their own basketball experience(s):
  • A better and personalised user experience
  • One login/user profile to manage multiple interactions with the sport – eg children and/or roles
  • Manage payments and view registration history
  • Mobile friendly

Association / Club:

  • A better user experience for administrators
  • Association and/or clubs to still have full control over registration/membership packages
  • Reduction in cash handling – remove risk
  • No seasonal (twice per year) payment(s) to BV for metro associations
  • Greater cashflow up front
  • Ability to make evidence based strategic decisions
  • State-wide managed tribunal system
  • Complying with privacy legislation
  • Better appeal to commercial partners

Basketball Victoria:

  • Proactive response to strategic planning, program delivery and membership servicing
  • Complying with Data and Privacy Protection Legislation
  • Better opportunity to provide resources and support across:
  • Infrastructure / Systems – plus additional Digital Support for Associations
  • Facility planning & growth
  • Pathway Support
  • Mandatory reporting requirements – eg Sport Australia, Sport and Recreation Victoria, LGAs

Individual Registration Fees (BV):

Player :

A one off annual payment – for anyone wanting to participate in a BV sanctioned competition

  • $29 – Junior (17 and under) participant – annual (once off payment)
  • $43 – Senior (Over 18) participant– annual (once off payment)

*fees approved at 2017 State Conference

*currently participants in regional Victoria pay $39 for all ages (52,000+)

*lowest state sporting body cost in Australia across any sport

What does registration with BV cover?​


When registered participants are provided the following benefits:​

  • Personal Player/Accident insurance​
  • Affiliation with Basketball Victoria and Basketball Australia​
  • Opportunity to participate in all BV sanctioned leagues, events and competitions​
  • Opportunity to participate in education, training, seminars, courses & clinics​
  • Participation and eligibility for state team / development programs​
  • Ability to manage their own basketball experience​
  • Potential commercial opportunities with BV partners​

Associations and/or Clubs

Participants registration fees assist in covering:​

  • Insurance cover – Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Management & Cyber Liability insurance​
  • Administrative, governance, legal, strategic, technical and digital support for member associations​
  • Provision of a tribunal system across Victoria​
  • Provision of and accreditation for referees for competitions​
  • Coach education and accreditation​
  • Management of the VJBL, Big V and NBL1 Leagues​
  • Government relations and facilities growth/management.​
  • Inclusion programs and events​
  • State – high performance pathways​
  • Marketing & Communications support​

Technology  ​(PlayHQ)

PlayHQ is the new platform/software service and stand-alone company that was designed and developed by sports consultant and digital agency – Codeware​

  • Victorian
  • Codeware is an advisory business that specialises in driving digital transformations for sports organisations. ​
  • Built for basketball with deep input from BV for sports requirements​

What is being developed


  • Easy & Fast Registration
  • Personalised Profile & Game Centre
  • Fixture/Ladder/Results

Clubs & Associations

  • Member Management
  • Competition Management
  • Venue Management
  • Dashboards/Reporting
  • Scoring Platform