The first referee B grade school for 2019 has commenced with 20 participants invited to attend. All participants have shown the progression in their on-court performance and calling of the game as well as displaying the leadership qualities we look for to support some of our junior referees out on court.

To successfully complete the course all participants must meet 3 key criteria. They are required to pass a rules exam, attend the theory course and have their performance evaluated to meet the on court criteria to satisfy the required grading.

There is a 2 part theory component that participants are required to attend that provides them with a more in-depth look at some of the rules of the game by providing video examples and explanations and information on what they need to continue working on going forward to continue their development.

While the rules and theory component will be conducted over the next few weeks the on court grading will continue over the next 6 months. While a number of referees will meet the on court competencies earlier we will continue to work with those who are not quite there and provide them with the on-going coaching they need to successfully complete the course.

Referee coaching and development programs are an ongoing process for all levels of officials from the time referees  first step out on to court as trainees through to our senior elite referees. We aim to run 3 to 4 beginner courses throughout the year for new referees, two B grade referee courses for our intermediate officials and one A grade course for our senior officials all training is aimed to provide referees with new skills and coaching that will assist them to continue to progress through the local association ranks towards the elite representative competitions.

Chris Morrey – Referee Advisor