Dear Members,

Participant behaviour is a serious issue that is having a significant impact at the FDBA.

Following a review a number of changes have been put in place to address this ongoing issue.

This includes the recruitment and training of more senior referees and development of a new participant behaviour policy.

Policy: Participant Behaviour Policy

This policy will be in effect this Saturday 20/07/2019.

All FDBA Policies are available on our website; Governance and Policy

Junior teams represented by their coach and  Senior teams are represented by their captain during matches.

These members are responsible for the behaviour of all of their players and associated spectators.

Our referees have been instructed to communicate with coaches/captains but will not tolerate any unacceptable behaviour.

The policy includes the introduction of automatic penalties for behavioural technical fouls and spectator ejections.

Behavioural Technical Fouls:

Coaches and players who receive 3 or more behavioural technical fouls in a 12 month period will have the following penalty applied:

a) 3 technical fouls: automatic 2 week suspension,
b) 4 technical fouls: automatic 4 week suspension,
c) 5 technical fouls: automatic 6 week suspension,
d) 6 technical fouls: automatic 8 week suspension, and
e) 7 technical fouls: automatic 12 month suspension

Spectator Ejections:

Spectators that are removed from venues will have the following penalty applied:

a) First offence: formal warning,
b) Second offence: automatic 2 week suspension,
c) Third offence: automatic 6 week suspension, and
d) Fourth offence: automatic 12 months suspension

I am confident that this policy will create positive change at the FDBA and help improve officiating standards.

Please communicate the changes to your players and as always, thank you for your support.


Dion Paull  – Competitions Coordinator