Since my last communique we have seen the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival come and go and seen the NBL go to incredible heights. A record attendance in Sydney on the weekend ( 17,500+) and nearly a million overseas viewers via the internet. I mention this specifically because basketball continues to grow in interest here in Australia and all indicators are positive whilst horse racing attendances according to the reports are falling.

The challenge the NBL have is now converting that brand equity into revenue. In a recent meeting with NBL1 management, to review the past season, it was obvious that the work that FDBA’s Daniel Spangler does has seen the viewings via live streaming break new ground and it is now our challenge to get those people through the gate.

As we all appreciate our stadium is an ageing facility and with that comes an increased repairs and maintenance cost. As I have mentioned previously we have spent over $100,000 in 2019 on repairs and maintenance to bathroom, canteen and CCTV. Our back board and ring structure on courts 2,3,4,5 and 6 are nearly 30 years old and to make sure we mitigated any risk had them audited for structural soundness a few weeks ago and as expected they are in need of work. In the next few weeks you will see the old backboard and ring structures replaced on courts 2, 3 and 4 and we are hoping to get courts 5 and 6 done over the Xmas/ New Year break. We are not at this stage anticipating disruption to playing and training schedules and fixtures. We conducted a full and transparent process to identify the preferred service provider for this work and we have settled with Ring Leader. The investment committed is $160,000 for this work.

We will be soon conducting an education session on mental health on Tuesday 26th November commencing at 6.30pm. We are partnering with Mental Health experts Headspace and our NBL Partner South East Melbourne Phoenix to bring this very important session to anyone in the community that believes they would benefit from such education. We have cancelled Junior Blues trainings for our under 16 and under 18 Blues teams that night and strongly encourage them to attend with their parents.

The Constitutional review committee continue to meet and develop the new draft Constitution which we will share with you all once it is in draft form. It is important that the Constitution complies with contemporary standards and has an underlying commitment to inclusion.

We continue to build relationships with all key stakeholders and the Frankston Council is definitely a high priority. We have FCC Councillors and senior Frankston Council Executives visiting our stadium in early December to be provided with a tour of the facility and we will also facilitate a formal presentation on what the Frankston and District Basketball Association has done in the past year and our plans and desires for the future.

Both Belinda Snell and Andrew Harms our NBL1 senior coaches are busy putting together their playing rosters for season 2020 and we can promise a very exciting season. We wish to also announce that there will be weeks where the Women will have centre stage and play after the Men to demonstrate our commitment to equality.

You will have noticed that we have an addition to the Frankston basketball family with Najael Young’s young son Najael Junior over from the US. Thank you to everyone that embraced the little champ into our family, he has also just about taken over the Association.

Wayne Holdsworth – General Manager