BASKETBALL Victoria and the National Basketball League (NBL) can announce that the Basketball Victoria-managed NBL1 competition will be known as NBL1 South from 2020.

Following last year’s announcement of Basketball Queensland joining the NBL1 brand and the potential for future growth across Australia, NBL1 will be rebranded as NBL1 South to accommodate other conferences.

NBL1 South aims to provide elite basketball opportunities to talented men and women throughout Victoria, Southern NSW, Tasmania and with the addition of the Mt Gambier Pioneers in 2020, South Australia.

“It’s exciting to see the next phase of NBL1’s expansion begin this year with NBL1 becoming NBL1 South,” Basketball Victoria CEO Nick Honey said. “From where Basketball Victoria and the NBL started last year, it’s brilliant to see the model expand to other states.

“The opportunities that will come from this in future years will be extremely engaging, with an end of year tournament between the conferences and possible future All-Star matches between the states making for even more entertaining basketball across the country.

“Basketball Victoria is proud to see the NBL1 model expand across Australia and we hope more states get involved in the near future.”

The NBL1 North logo will have a maroon colour while the NBL1 South logo will be navy blue, creating a connection between the conferences and their main state.

“We are excited to announce the establishment of NBL1 North and NBL1 South conferences,”NBL Chief Operating Officer Andy Crook said. “This is a genuine partnership between the NBL, Basketball Queensland and Basketball Victoria and we look forward to the great rivalries that’s set to develop between the conferences.

“We are also in active discussions with Basketball South Australia, Basketball Western Australia and Basketball New South Wales about introducing the NBL1 concept in those states.”

NBL1 South and NBL1 North will hold conference finals in August, before an NBL1 finals series will be played on the first weekend of September with conference champions from NBL1 South and NBL1 North at the State Basketball Centre in Victoria. Further details of the NBL1 finals series will be announced soon.

“We can’t wait for the inaugural NBL1 North season and look forward to the growth the league will have under the NBL’s banner,” Basketball Queensland Chief Executive and Secretary Graham Burns said. “Basketball Victoria and the NBL did an incredible job with NBL1 in 2019 and we are thrilled to be involved and continue the positive momentum.”

NBL1 enjoyed a highly successful inaugural season, with over 108,000 fans attending games, every game streamed live on YouTube with over 284,000 viewers across the year and over 1.6 million views on social media videos posted by NBL1.

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NBL1 South will tip off on Saturday April 18 while NBL1 North will begin a week later on Friday 24 April.