We here at Frankston Basketball are certainly taking this virus and its impact on society very seriously and are constantly promoting the guidance passed down to us by the government and our governing bodies Basketball Victoria and Basketball Australia around what we can do to stop the spread.

But we feel it’s time to start to spread some positive messages!

Will this/has this virus affected all of us in some way? Yes.

But is there hope in the face of this? Of course, there is.

So much of what we see and hear currently through every media channel is related to COVID-19 “Coronavirus” and very little of that information is positive. It is natural to feel a bit overwhelmed and possibly even helpless at times, it’s important to remember at a time like this that there is people and resources available to help you. We might not be able to provide the services we usually provide (like many other sporting associations right now) but what we can do is share resources from our friends and community to help spread hope and keep pushing the message of being solution-based in our mindset and focusing on what we can control.

Our friends at headspace Frankston are still working away tirelessly to provide support to our community, their website has a dedicated section that is regularly being updated around the services that they are able to provide and resources that can help you cope with the stress and anxiety you may be feeling.

Please click HERE to visit the headspace Frankston dedicated page.

We will update our own website and social media regularly with messages and information on methods you can use to keep moving forward!