The first AND1 Premier League Basketball Men’s draft was held last night. 42 players were drafted as 24 individual player picks and 6 packs of 3 players making up development player packs.

Free Agency / Trade period opens July 1st, 3 weeks before round 1 of competition. More information to be announced.

Competition starts with Round 1 on July 21st. (Pending no change of Basketball Victoria & State Government restrictions)

Keep an eye on the Facebook page and Instagram page for all announcements.

Congratulations to all those who got picked and thank you to everyone who nominated.

AND1 Premier League Basketball Men’s Draft (in order)

Round 1
1. Adam Thoseby (Lachlan Barker)
2. Angus Howey (Igor Hadziomerovic)
3. Declan Soukup (Lucas Barker)
4. Costas Hronopulos (Dain Swetalla)
5. Kingsley Box (Daniel Trist)
6. Anthony Karabatsos (Dillon Stith)

Round 2
7. Dylan Hare (Dillon Stith)
8. Ben Ayre (Daniel Trist)
9. Luke Shelley (Dain Swetalla)
10. Will Peirce (Lucas Barker)
11. Ned Weidemann (Igor Haziomerovic)
12. Henry Peirce (Lachlan Barker)

Round 3
13. Ben Waterhouse (Lachlan Barker)
14. Jack MacDonald (Igor Hadziomerovic)
15. Jarryd Moss (Lucas Barker)
16. Jake Macaulay (Dain Swetalla)
17. Durrell MacDonald (Daniel Trist)
18. Liam Doyle-Toombs (Dillon Stith)

Round 4
19. Malik Meunier (Dillon Stith)
20. Billy Hughes (Daniel Trist)
21. Alex Bazzuchini (Dain Swetalla)
22. Ben Perry (Lucas Barker)
23. Josh West (Igor Haziomerovic)
24. Blake McGlenchy (Lachlan Barker)

Round 5
25. Development Player Pack 6 (Lachlan Barker)
26. Development Player Pack 1 (Igor Hadziomerovic)
27. Development Player Pack 3 (Lucas Barker)
28. Development Player Pack 2 (Dain Swetalla)
29. Development Player Pack 4 (Daniel Trist)
30. Development Player Pack 5 (Dillon Stith)

AND1 Premier League Basketball Men’s Rosters

All teams are made up of a combination of 1 captain (C), 2 marquees (M), 4 draft picks (D), and pick of development player packs (P)

Team Dan: Daniel Trist (C), Rhys Carter (M), Najeal Young (M), Kingsley Box (D), Ben Ayre (D), Durrell McDonald (D), Billy Hughes (D), Oscar Keating (P), Ethan Parker (P), Toby Lewis (P)

Team Lucas: Lucas Barker (C), Tim Lang (M), Sean MacDonald (M), Declan Soukup (D), Will Peirce (D), Jarryd Moss (D), Ben Perry (D), Austin Shelley (P), Caleb Peterson (P), Ayden Dignam (P)

Team Lachlan: Lachlan Barker (C), Corey Standerfer (M), Tristan Forsyth (M), Adam Thoseby (D), Henry Peirce (D), Ben Waterhouse (D), Blake McGlenchy (D), Jesse Lans (P), Lachlan Marshall (P), Luke Beard (P)

Team Iggy: Igor Hadziomerovic (C), Alister Macdonald (M), Tom Garrett (M), Angus Howey (D), Ned Weidemann (D), Jack McDonald (D), Josh West (D), Josh Cleary (P), Benji Faletanoai (P), Kealan Tumelty (P)

Team Dain: Dain Swetalla (C), Tom Wright (M), Simon Conn (M), Costas Hronopoulos (D), Luke Shelley (D), Jake Macaulay (D), Alex Bazzuchini (D), Darcey Strauss (P), Blake Shaw (P), Braithyn Kerr (P)

Team Dillon: Dillon Stith (C), Isaac Turner (M), Geremy McKay (M), Anthony Karabatos (D), Dylan Hare (D), Liam Doyle-Toombs (D), Malik Meunier (D), Liam Atkinson (P), Rahul Chitkara (P), Zade Nugent (P)