The first AND1 Premier League Basketball Women’s draft was held last night. 24 players were drafted to form the six teams.

Free Agency / Trade period opens July 1st, 3 weeks before round 1 of competition. More information to be announced.

Competition starts with Round 1 on July 21st. (Pending no change of Basketball Victoria & State Government restrictions)

Keep an eye on the Facebook page and Instagram page for all announcements.

Congratulations to all those who got picked and thank you to everyone who nominated.

AND1 Premier League Basketball Women’s Draft (in order)

Round 1
1. Rachel Brewster (Abby Chernishoff)
2. Amy O’Neil (Kiera Rowe)
3. Kristy Rinaldi (Saraid Taylor)
4. Mia Newman (Steph Reid)
5. Taylah Wynne (Courtney Wilkins)
6. Cassie Hill (Samara Hill)

Round 2
7. Maighan Hedge (Samara Hill)
8. Lauren Tuplin (Courtney Wilkins)
9. Brittney Muynhm (Steph Reid)
10. Erin Bollman (Saraid Taylor)
11. Mikayla Zylstra (Keira Rowe)
12. Georiga Pineau (Abby Chernishoff)

Round 3
13. Zoe Schonfelder (Abby Chernishoff)
14. Alice Yates (Kiera Rowe)
15. Rhiannon Gallagher (Saraid Taylor)
16. Elle Schonfelder (Steph Reid)
17. Raynisha Washington (Courtney Wilkins)
18. Tegan Fiamengo (Samara Hill)

Round 4
19. Annabell Fitter (Samara Hill)
20. Alex Mason (Courtney Wilkins)
21. Zoe Harvey (Steph Reid)
22. Bridget Morrison (Saraid)
23. Liv Grcic (Keira Rowe)
24. Makenzie Mitchell (Abby Chernishoff)

AND1 Premier League Basketball Women’s Rosters

All teams are made up of a combination of 1 captain (C), 2 marquees (M), 4 draft picks (D)

Team Saraid: Saraid Taylor (Captain), Sherry Glennie (M), Gemma Simon (M), Kristy Rinaldi (D), Erin Bollman (D), Rhiannon Gallagher (D), Bridget Morrison (D)

Team Kiera: Kiera Rowe (C), Bec Pizzey (M), Taylah Gilliam (M), Amy O’Neil (D), Mikayla Zylstra (D), Alice Yates (D), Liv Grcic (D)

Team Steph: Steph Reid (C), Eliza West (M), Ella Hellessey (M), Mia Newman (D), Brittnay Muynhm (D), Elle Schonfelder (D), Zoe Harvey (D)

Team Samara: Samara Hill (C), Amelia Todhunter (M), Ella Batish (M), Annabell Fitter (D), Cassie Hill (D), Maighan Hedge (D), Tegan Fiamengo (D)

Team Courtney: Courtney Wilkins (C), Kelly Bowen (M), Tori Jackson (M), Taylah Wynne (D), Lauren Tuplin (D), Raynisha Washington (D), Alex Mason (D)

Team Abby: Abby Chernishoff (C), Kassie Boorer (M), Lana Hollingsworth (M), Rachel Brewster (D), Georgia Pineau (D), Zoe Schonfelder (D), Mackenzie Mitchell (D)