Frankston Blues star Dan Trist says the club is looking to build a system based on the one established at the Nunawading Spectres.

Nunawading is known for their continuity and sustained success and Trist has explained how Frankston is looking to create a similar culture at the Blues.

Of last season’s Frankston team that made the Preliminary Final, the core group of Trist, Igor Hadziomerovic, Lachlan Barker, Alister MacDonald, Najeal Young, Jarryd Moss, Will Pierce, Liam Doyle-Toombs, Angus Howey and Thomas Garrett had all signed on for 2020.

Trist says it wasn’t a coincidence that contingent of players were returning, as it’s part of the plan the club is putting in place to ensure long-term success.

“Credit to the management and coaching staff at Frankston. They looked to put together a team the right way with a long-term goal in mind of having a core group of guys that will stick together for the coming years, kind of like what we see Nunawading do,” Trist told NBL1’s The Fast Break.

“Last season was thrilling, we kept climbing the ladder and got all the way up there, had a good seed coming in, we beat Nunawading in the (Qualifying Final) game.

“The week off bit us in the butt a little bit and we came in a bit sluggish against Bendigo who were firing on all cylinders.

“As much as everyone was disappointed in the locker room after the game and pretty devastated for a couple days, I think a week after we all started chatting to each other about running it back and trying to do the same thing again.

“Keep on pushing the boulder up the hill until you reach the top.”

Trist played for the South East Melbourne Phoenix in NBL20 and after some strong late season performances, he says doors are opening for him for NBL21, with the league’s free agency period beginning on Wednesday July 15.

“Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been on the phone with my agent every day, going back and forth with certain teams,” Trist said.

“It looks like, fingers crossed, we should have something locked up before free agency starts, or something on the table before free agency starts at least, obviously we are not allowed to officially do anything before that.

“The idea behind that is to have your ducks in a row and when free agency hits you can have something signed. It looks like we are sitting pretty for that, so I’m pretty happy about what’s evolving on that front.”