Welcome to the Peninsula 2K20 eSports Tournament. We are playing a simple format where if you lose you are out!

Key dates:

  • Registrations are open until Friday 28th of August at 12 pm.
  • The first round of matches will need to be finished by 11.59 pm on the 1st of September.
  • The second round of matches will need to be finished by 11.59 pm on the 4th of September.
  • The semi-final round matches will need to be finished by 11.59 pm on the 7th of September.
  • The Grand Final match will need to be finished by 11.59 pm on the 10th of September.

Only eligible to players and families who are from the following associations:

  • Chelsea Basketball Association
  • Frankston & District Basketball Association
  • Mornington District Basketball Association
  • Southern Peninsula Basketball Association
  • Western Port Basketball Association


  • If u18 you must get the parents permission to compete.
  • BULLY FREE ZONE! You are bound by the same rules as the Basketball Victoria codes of conduct. Any misbehaviour will result in automatic disqualification and suspension from any subsequent Tournaments.
  • For every fixture, both competitors are required to add each other using their respective Xbox Gamertags or PSN,. The two players must then communicate to arrange an exact match time. Players must ensure their console privacy settings are set to public, so their opponent is able to find them when searching for their Gamertag/PSN ID.
  • Each round has a window of three days to complete the scheduled fixture and each fixture must be completed by the deadline; 11:59pm on the third day.
  • Teams must be a standard current NBA2K20 team. No MYTEAM mode is allowed.
  • The player listed as the ‘home’ team on the fixture is responsible for setting up the match. Both players are required to check in five minutes before the scheduled match time. At the end of every match, the winning player enters the result.
  • Any disputes will be handled by the Tournament Director and their decision is final. If games are not able to be completed or the dispute is unable to be resolved the team that will progress will be decided by a toss of a coin.