Fireside Chats

A webinar series that will inform, educate, entertain and connect with the Heartland.

Brought to you by PNX Network, South East Melbourne Phoenix present a series of Fireside chats, hosted by reporter Jodi Lee. Jodi will speak live to industry leaders from the world of business, sport and entertainment.

From leadership spills in Canberra, to covering Aussie legend Mick Fanning as he surfed his last competitive wave, Jodi’s vast experience will ensure each Fireside chat is fun, engaging, and entertaining.

You can watch and engage in the chats online at the specific timeslots from the comfort of your own home.

Fireside Chat Episode 1 (Thursday 3 September, 3:00pm): 2020 MasterChef Champion Emelia Jackson

Six years ago, Emelia was working as a Marketing co-ordinator when she applied for the 2014 MasterChef series.  After finishing in 3rd place, Emelia went on to launch a successful bespoke cake making business. Fast forward to 2020 and the Dessert Queen was back on a special edition of MasterChef, but this time she would take home the ultimate prize.

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Emelia will take our audience through her incredible MasterChef journey, where her love of the kitchen started and her exciting plans for the future.  She will even have a few quick and easy ‘lockdown’ cooking tips and some handy suggestions for some of the Phoenix playing roster, who have trouble boiling an egg.

We look forward to your company for the first episode of Fireside Chats.

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Phoenix Media (24/08/2020)