Following yesterday’s meeting with Basketball Victoria, FDBA are able to confirm the commencement of the S20/21 season on 23 November:

Latest update from BV including FAQ’s available at the link HERE


All junior team registrations must be via affiliated clubs: FDBA Club Contacts

Government Restrictions/BV Return to Sport Guidelines

Basketball Victoria’s current advice is as follows:

From 11:59pm on Sunday 22 November



  • Outdoor (contact or non-contact) Competition and/or Training – ORANGE-50
  • Indoor (contact or non-contact) Competition and/or Training – ORANGE-20*

 NB: Further clarity to come*

  • Patron cap of up to 100 people*.
  • Group size up to 20 people*
  • Density quotient of 1 per 4m ²*
  • Large sporting venues will be able to open with a 25 per–cent venue patron cap, with each space subject to the density quotient*

This currently leaves a number of questions unanswered – in particular for spectator and sibling attendance.

FDBA expects to be able to clarify this next week.

Matches are expected to be scheduled on 1-hour time-slots to allow for COVID safety protocol.


Grading fixtures will be completed on a weekly basis until the Christmas break and teams that are registered by each weeks closing date will be included in that round of competition.

Team and player information must be up to date on PlayHQ club databases by midnight on the date listed under ‘Registrations Close’.

For example on Saturdays:

Phase Week Registrations Close
Fixture Published

U8 – U14
Boys & Girls

Grading 1 22-Nov-20 25-Nov-20 28-Nov-20
Grading 2 29-Nov-20 2-Dec-20 05-Dec-20
Grading 3 6-Dec-20 9-Dec-20 12-Dec-20
Grading 4 13-Dec-20 16-Dec-20 19-Dec-20
Regular Season 1 17-Jan-20 22-Jan-21 30-Jan-21

Players can be moved between teams at any time during this period with FDBA notified for grading consideration.

Grading outcomes will be a significant challenge especially with spectator restrictions but weekly changes will help mitigate this somewhat.

Anticipated match times:

  • Monday U16-21 Girls: 4.30, 5.30 & 6.30pm
  • Wednesday U16 Boys: 4.30, 5.30 & 6.30pm
  • Thursday U18 & U21 Boys: 4.30, 5.30 & 6.30pm
  • Saturday U8 – U14 Boys and Girls: 8.00am – 8.00pm

Fixture Requests

FDBÄ’s ability to accommodate fixture requests is now limited:

  • Coaches of multiple teams will be accommodated (no games clash)
  • Players in multiple teams, permanent specific games time requests and team manager requests will not be accommodated
  • Special event (one-off) requests may be accommodated with 7 days’ notice

U18 Competitions

Our U18 competitions had previously been communicated to change to U19 to allow 18 year old participants an opportunity to play.

With senior sport (19 and over) now also to able to resume the age group will remain as U18.

If this has a significant impact on your teams please let me know and we will find a solution. 

Match Fees

  • U8: $45.00 (1 referee)
  • U10: $52.00
  • U12-U16: $57.00
  • U18-U21: $62.00


All coaches and team managers must register via PlayHQ, there is no registration fee.

WWC information is automatically made available on the form for members over 18 years of age.

Teachers and Police Officers are exempt from the WWC. These members can mark this in the text box: ie ‘Exempt – Teacher’

WWC must be input by the weekly registration closing date. Non-compliant members will not be permitted to complete game day duties.

As required by the BV Member Protection By-Laws, Member Protection Declarations are required from all new committee members, coaches and team managers.

Screening will be audited and clubs may be required to provide copies of declarations on request.

Rep Points Rule

S20/21 age group points limits:



 Age Group

Teams Points Limit
U12 Boys 7 80 14
U12 Girls 7 70 14
U14 Boys 6 80 14
U14 Girls 5 100 18
U16 Boys 6 60 12
U16 Girls 4 80 14
U18 Boys 4 30 12
U18 Girls 3 50 12
U20/21 Boys 1 30 12
U20/21 Girls 2 60 12

School Facility Access 

Government Schools

  • The Department of Education and Training (DET) has confirmed on its website that Government Schools are permitted to open to External User Groups as per the DHHS Guidelines. The clearance allows for Principles to allow access but does not mandate that they must, this will still be the individual decision of each school

Private and Catholic Schools

  • Private and Catholic Schools are not governed by DET and therefore access to these facilities is at the school’s discretion