In what was a very special occasion to the Association, last Saturday (29/11/2020) Arthur Stone was recognized for his service to basketball at Frankston and neighbouring Associations.

In attendance were FDBA CEO Wayne Holdsworth, FDBA President Tim Bower, FDBA Referee Advisor Chris Morrey, VBRA Frankston Branch President Gaile Reid, Federal Member for Dunkley Peta Murphy, FDBA Life Member / Basketball Australia Hall of Fame member John Holden, and many other past and present referees of Frankston Basketball that had the pleasure of running on court with Arthur.

A Life Member of the FDBA and the VBRA Frankston Branch, Arthur spoke about how he started referring in the 1970s after his daughter Penelope told him she was playing for the school team.

“The following year I decided to learn the rules and did a refs course with John Holden. Somehow I passed and my first game alone was C grade ladies. They forgave me after the game….”

“I progressed and was soon doing rep games at Melbourne after my teams (coaching) had played their games.”

Arthur spoke about his love for refereeing juniors and the mid-day ladies competitions for the laughs… not so much the A & B grade men.

“Most enjoyable games to work on…The kids. Number one definitely the kids. With the coaches permission, I used to do some quiet on-court coaching during the game. Second…Mid-week ladies, just out for fun..”

“I had some wonderful people running with me over the years. Almost always, great people, my longest partner would have been Robyn Tickner. We had a wonderful partnership over the years. We worked together as a team without thinking of it.”

Arthur Stone enjoying refereeing Hoop-Time at Frankston Basketball Stadium

VBRA Frankston Branch President Gaile Reid shared some stories and spoke about the amazing partnerships Arthur had made with fellow referees.

“Arthur joined my crews on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. He was reffing Friday VJBL into his 70’s. I partnered him with Robyn Tickner on Mondays and Saturdays and that partnership extended beyond a decade.”

“Arthur is not a political man but joined our VBRA Frankston Branch committee, holding different positions.”

“We hold him in such high esteem that we created an award in his honour; the Arthur Stone Most Improved Referee of the Year. He is one of the two longest-serving participants (32 years) of the Southern Peninsula Tournament.”

“Arthur is a true gentleman, mentor and friend to all who have had the privilege of working with him”

FDBA CEO Wayne Holdsworth spoke about the significant impact Arthur has had on the Association.

“Arthur Stone is an absolute ornament to the Association, and has inspired so many, some still out there refereeing today”

Arthur was rewarded with a small token of appreciation and although many may think he would be hanging up the whistle, he has promised to return next year to sneak in a couple more games.