The conclusion of Phase Two Grading and (VC Qualifying) Crossover Round 2 in the 2021 Victorian Junior Basketball League (VJBL) has seen NINE of our Frankston Blues teams qualify for Victorian Championship this competition season in Under 12 to Under 18s competitions.

Victorian Championship, or VC, showcases the highest level of athletes within the junior basketball league as the top division 

Junior athletes from the Under-12 to Under-18 age groups commenced their VJBL campaign in late January and surged to secure a position in VC over the first four rounds of grading. 

VJBL Operations Manager Adrian Campbell said despite the tremendous challenges of 2020, our associations have risen to meet them in 2021 to make this an extremely competitive and hotly contested season. 

“It’s been an impressive season already considering the significant work it took to get teams back on court for January this year,” Campbell said. “Our VJBL associations have made it happen on short notice and produced some brilliant basketball to qualify their teams into the Victorian Championship competition. 

“Whether they’re competing for VC titles or showing their skills in the VBJL divisions, we’d like to wish all the teams the best of luck for the season ahead.” 

The 2021 VJBL season will conclude on Friday 17 September, with the VC grand final night following the VC season across the next five months. 

VC teams can also qualify for even more exclusive tournaments in the months ahead such as the National Junior Classic and Under-14 Club Championships. 

The VJBL is held every Friday night from November to September, with 2021 being an exception due to COVID-19 restrictions delaying the start until January this year. 

The Frankston Blues programs could see another 2 teams potentially in Under 21s competitions. The Under-21 VC competition will be finalised after the school holidays. 

Congratulations to the following Junior Blues teams and their coaches (newly qualified teams in bold);

  • Frankston Blues 12.1 Girls, coached by Abby Chernishoff
  • Frankston Blues 12.1 Boys, coached by Darcey Strauss
  • Frankston Blues 14.1 Girls, coached by Natalie Porter
  • Frankston Blues 14.2 Girls, coached by Rhys Borham
  • Frankston Blues 14.1 Boys, coached by Scott Christiansen
  • Frankston Blues 16.1 Girls, coached by Samantha Groves
  • Frankston Blues 16.1 Boys, coached by Brad Szalek
  • Frankston Blues 18.1 Girls, coached by Renay Bresnan
  • Frankston Blues 18.1 Boys, coached by Adam Kerr