Beloved ABC journalist and Seaford local Paul Kennedy takes readers back to 1990s Frankston in Funkytown, his astonishing memoir on adolescent masculinity and misadventure. It’s in stores now at Robinsons, Farrells, Big W and wherever good books are sold.

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About the book

It is 1993: a serial killer is loose on the streets of Frankston, Victoria. The community is paralysed by fear and a state’s police force and national media come to find a killer. Meanwhile, seventeen-year-old Paul Kennedy is searching for something else entirely. He is focused on finishing school, getting drafted into the AFL and falling in love. So much can change in a year.

The rites of passage for many Australian teenage boys – blackout drinking, simmering violence and emotional suppression – take their toll, and the year that starts with so much promise ends with Kennedy expelled, arrested and undrafted. But one teacher sees Kennedy self-destructing and becomes determined to set him on another path.

Told with poignancy and humour, and evoking the brilliant, dusty haze of late Australian summer, Funkytown is a love letter to adolescence, football, family and outer suburbia.