Walking Basketball at the Frankston & District Basketball Association (FDBA) has seen significant growth in 2022 hosting 14 registered participants, an increase from 7 last year.

The sport’s national governing body, Basketball Australia describes the program as ‘a low-impact, social and fun way to improve the levels of physical activity for inactive and slightly active Australians, including those recovering from injury’.

Walking Basketball has brought people back to the sport, including the lead coach; former Association board member, and ex-SEABL (now NBL1) player Wally Grivens. (pictured far right).

Many of the participants have ongoing health concerns but in many cases, the program is actually helping their lives.

New participant in 2022, Brian has stage 4 cancer and is currently undertaking chemotherapy.

He jokingly described what the program is doing for him in one word… “exhausting!”

Going into further detail, Brian spoke about why the program is so important to his health.

“It’s a selfish thing really. For my own sake, I need to raise my fitness as much as I can. And stuff like this really helps”

“If I can get to a stage where I get exhausted, then a fraction more, have a rest, and then get back into it again, I can feel my fitness raising slowly.”

“It’s funny the more I do that, the more the legions on my liver are fading. If I keep this up I might survive.”

“After you finish a session, it feels fantastic!”

Trudy has a heart condition and says the medicine she takes has been slowing her down.

“I’m glad I came!”

“After the first time I went home I felt really great!”

“It makes me feel better. Also meeting people rather than just sitting around at home”

“It’s hard normally, they say go outside for some exercise with a walk, but it’s hard to go out by yourself all the time”

Walking Basketball runs Thursday 11:00 am mornings at Frankston Basketball Stadium (90 Barida Avenue, Seaford).

If you would like to learn more about the sessions or want to discuss further please call the FDBA on 9776 8999