The Regional Academy is pleased to announce that Blues SEABL Guard Jarryd Moss will be leading our newest program, Rep Prep.

The Rep Prep program is designed to offer a session tailored to the more advanced domestic players that need to have their skill sets challenged.

The syllabus will include warm up protocols, drills and conditioning that will mimic that of a representative training session.

When asked about the sessions Moss stated “I’m really excited to coach the Rep Prep program, I’m looking forward to working with players that have made the decision that they want to work hard and take their games to the next level”.

Moss continued

“The sessions are not going to be a walk in the park. Don’t get me wrong, they’ll still be fun, but the fun will come from players challenging themselves”

“We’ll be doing drills that I’ve picked up from our SEABL sessions, US college sessions and other High Performance programs”.

The Rep Prep program along with our Individual and Small Group Skills Sessions is the final step in the Regional Academy pathway for our Term 3 programs.

The goal is for players to walk out of the Rep Prep program equipped with the confidence and necessary skills to make it in to a representative team.