The FDBA AGM was held last evening (9th May 2019) with an attendance level not seen for many years. The passion for the Association was clear and the future exciting.

10 nominations were received for the 3 vacant Board positions and we are pleased to announce that Grant Dennis was re elected to the Board and Vera Roberts and Eric Hollingsworth were elected as new members to the Board. Congratulations to Grant, Eric and Vera.

During the meeting Chairman Gary Emery thanked Chris Beattie and Peter Harms for their enormous positive contribution to the Association.

A Board meeting was conducted after the AGM and the following positions were ratified :

President: Tim Bower
Vice President: Grant Dennis
Treasurer: Ian Watt
Secretary: Jo Toombs
General Board Member: Brenda Cotta
General Board Member: Kellie Preston
General Board Member: Gary Emery
General Board Member: Eric Hollingsworth
General Board Member : Vera Roberts

This is a very exciting time in the history of the Association and I think that the time has come to yes learn from history but clearly focus on the opportunity that lay ahead for this Association and basketball generally in the region. The Board have commenced the journey to enhance the governance standards, transparency, communication relationships and growth, that will be my laser focus.

Wayne Holdsworth – General Manager