Yesterday the Frankston Blues celebrated their 2018/19 VJBL Season at the annual Junior Blues Presentation Day, hosted by long-time partner to the club; Frankston RSL.

Selected by the Junior Blues Coaching Coordinators, the Rising Star Award is presented to the players who have had an outstanding 2018/19 season and the club feels are likely to be successful at a high level for years to come.

The players selected this year have executed elite level skills well above what is normal in their age group and are identified as athletes we believe have the potential to be NBL1 players in the future.

The winner of the Rising Star Award for Boys Under 12/14 age group was Max Daniel who has the athleticism and shooting of a guard yet the size and strength of a forward.

The winner of the Rising Star Award for the Boys Under 16/18 age group was Jesse Lans who has one of the most fundamentally perfect jump shooting actions and demonstrated an outstanding ability to score heavily in all situations throughout the season.

A perennial high achiever, Bonnie Deas was selected as this year’s Rising Star for the Girls Under 12/14 age group. Bonnie has just wrapped up her 4th consecutive season in the 1’s, all 4 years as a regular starter. She is currently preparing to lead her team at the U14 girls Australian Club National Championships, in Ballarat next week.

For the Girls Under 16/18’s age group Zoe Schonfelder was selected after her stellar performance during this year’s BIG V Youth League Two finals campaign. In front of a sold out crowd, Zoe went a perfect 5/5 from behind the arc in the semi-final to secure a place in the Grand Final. She also stepped up big time in the Grand Final to lead the Blues to victory.

Frankston Blues also celebrated their graduating players (joining the club in U12’s and finishing top age Under 18’s); Blake Jackson, Cooper Murray, Adam Negri, Saxyn Preston, Lachlan Tilders, Caleb Tonks, Sophie Allen, Kassie Boorer, Isabella Cianci, Olivia Corrigan, Paige Kilby, Zoe Schonfelder and Eliza Smith.

MVP Award Winners

Boys U12.1 Max Daniel
Boys U12.2 Aviaan Ioane-Henry
Boys U12.3 Joel Chaberka
Boys U12.4 Angus Embleton
Boys U12.5 Jordan Thompson
Boys U12.6 Tiger Ma
Boys U12.7 Reid Austin
Boys U14.1 Henry Hayes
Boys U14.2 Oliver Klein
Boys U14.3 Louis Hodder
Boys U14.4 Mason Krone
Boys U14.5 Ryland McLaren
Boys U14.6 Caleb Storen
Boys U14.7 Zac Knight
Boys U16.1 Jesse Lans
Boys U16.2 Toby Lewis
Boys U16.3 Sam Shinksy
Boys U16.4 Fraser Eyers
Boys U16.5 Thom Lean
Boys U18.1 Bryce Philippe
Boys U18.2 Cooper Murray
Boys U18.3 Caleb Peterson
Boys U18.4 Vince Murphy
Girls U12.1 Trinity Vakacavu
Girls U12.2 Charlotte Atkin
Girls U12.3 Charlotte Kilby
Girls U12.4 Sienna Cornish
Girls U12.5 Mia Muccignat
Girls U12.6 Irina Ibralic
Girls U14.1  –
Girls U14.2 Ropafadzo Gambiza
Girls U14.3 Titchiang Muot
Girls U14.4 Alicia Vu
Girls U14.5 Rachel Smith
Girls U16.1 Zoe Harvey
Girls U16.2 Rebecca Macinnis
Girls U16.3 Madison McIntyre
Girls U16.4 Taylah Nichols
Girls U18.1 Zoe Schonfelder
Girls U18.2 Eliza Smith
Girls U18.3 Lucy Farmer