Dear senior players,

With the Summer season now underway please make note of the following information relevant to senior domestic teams.

FDBA Domestic Competition By-Laws Amendment

4.5.1 Multiple Registrations – Senior Players

Senior players may play in multiple senior competitions and multiple grades of the same competition. They may participate in any grade/division irrespective of the highest grade/division they play or have previously played. Players are only permitted to play for another team in the same division a maximum of three times during a competition season. Exceeding this limit will result in forfeiture of the match.

Teams may be re-graded as a result of the inclusion of a player who has played in a higher grade/division.

Player Uniforms

Section 5 of the By-Laws covers team uniform specifications.

In summary:

  • Players are expected to have a team uniform in decent condition with a legible playing number
  • The referee supervisor may issue a warning if a players uniform is not up to standard, failure to rectify the issue will result in a score penalty
  • A 3 point score penalty applies for a player in non-compliant uniform (at the referee supervisors discretion)
  • A $20.00 hire fee applies for use of the stadium singlets – these are to be returned to the FDBA venue supervisor at the end of the night
  • New teams will not be charged a hire fee until the 5th round of the season
  • No hire fee is applied for a colour clash – a list of team colours is maintained by FDBA staff

Stadium Scoring

Each team is to supply a scorer for their match, a 10 point penalty applies if a team does not comply.

The starting scorer is responsible for checking that the correct players have been selected for the match. If your scorer believes that the other team has not done this correctly, report it to the referees immediately.

Match Clock

Teams are entitled to a full 18 minutes match time in both halves.

Please note that referees are often required to change courts between matches and if they are slightly late for any reason the match clock is not to start early.

If the clock has been started before referees are ready to commence the team captains should raise this immediately with the referees who will be required to reset the clock.

If a late start is the fault of one team they will be penalised 1 point for each minute of game time.


A forfeit fee applies ($126.00) if your team notifies the office with less than a week’s notice. Un-notified forfeits will incur an additional $40.00 fee.

Complete and return the form below if your team cannot participate in a scheduled match:

Forfeit Notification Form

Teams are required to settle any outstanding fees within 2 competition weeks, failure to do so may result in removal of premiership points.

Thank you to all teams who have registered for our Summer 2019/20 senior domestic competition.

Best of luck, and remember – your feedback is always welcome.


Dion Paull

Competitions Coordinator