Dear Senior Players,

Please note the following reminder regarding the Frankston Basketball uniform policy:

Player Uniforms

  • Shorts may not have cuffs, pockets, belts or buckles
  • Singlets must be of the same dominant colour
  • Shorts should be the same dominant colour as the team singlet; however, all black shorts will be permitted
  • Playing in a singlet without a number is not permitted
  • T-Shirts may be worn under the playing singlet. Sleeves must not extend beyond the elbow and the colour must be the same for all members of the team
  • The referee supervisor may issue a warning if a players uniform is not up to standard, failure to rectify the issue will result in a score penalty
  • A 3 point score penalty applies for a player in non-compliant uniform (at the referee supervisors discretion)

Shorts with pockets are a safety hazard and are not permitted.

Hire Singlets

  • A $20.00 hire fee applies for use of the stadium singlets – these are to be returned to the FDBA venue supervisor at the end of the night. A security item may be requested
  • No hire fee is applied for a colour clash – a list of team colours is maintained by FDBA staff

Section 5 of the Competition By-Laws covers team uniform specifications.


Dion Paull – Competitions Coordinator