Throughout the months of March, April and May our Junior Blues athletes have been working hard on their skills from home. We hope that June will be the last month that we will need to provide an at home workout schedule.

In June we will be moving away from the HomeCourt app, this app has been a tremendous tool for our club in keeping our players engaged and providing a great range of challenging drills and workouts.

We will continue on with our Zoom training sessions which have been well attended throughout May. Monday will continue to be a Strength and Conditioning session but the program will change and we will look to continue to challenge our players in preparation for a return to play. Friday will remain a Skills Session with our NBL1 players and we have added a short 20 minute session on a Wednesday for Recovery where will go through a foam rolling program, talk about nutrition and the importance of sleep and how to improve sleep quality. The Wednesday session will be an opportunity for our athletes to ask any questions they might have about recovery and how they can improve in these areas.

I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our Junior Blues coaches who have been consistently touching base with our players, providing Zoom trainings, outdoor fitness sessions and generally supporting our players throughout this difficult time.

It’s important that we continue to do the right thing, train at home or outdoors in small groups but always adhere to the guidelines set out by the Basketball Victoria. If we can do this we’re helping everyone in basketball return to indoor play as soon as possible.


Sunday – Ball Handling

Monday – Strength and Conditioning

Zoom Sessions

*Please have a drink bottle, micro band, long resistance band and Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headphones ready to go

Tuesday – Shooting

Wednesday – Recovery

Zoom Session – Foam rolling, mobility/yoga, discussion around sleep and nutrition habits

Thursday – Strength and Conditioning 

Friday – NBL1 Skills Session

Zoom Skills Session with NBL1 players to finish off the week

*Please have a basketball (two if possible), a tennis ball, a couple of cones or markers, drink bottle and Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headphones ready to go