Fixtures for the 3X3 Street Hustle – Peninsula Tour Week 2 are now live.

Please click the link HERE, and select your age group & gender (category) via the dropdown option on the right-hand side.

Please note:

  • Divisions carry equal weight towards final accumulative tour points
  • 14 Girls Division 2 are playing between 4:00 – 6:30 pm
  • 16/18 Girls are playing between 6:00 – 7:30 pm

The following welcome letter was emailed to all teams last night, with the attached Information Pack

Dear Team Delegates,

Welcome to Week 2 of the 3×3 Hustle Peninsula Tour.

122 teams will be participating in this week’s event breaking the previous record of 108 just last week.

As was the case last week the event will be run in accordance with our COVID Safe Plan and there are number of items which you need to be aware of.

Please find a summary of the key points below to share with your teams:


Week 2 fixtures are now available to view at the link below:

Peninsula Tour Week 2 Street Hustle

Please note:

  • Age groups with multiple divisions are of equal weight (not graded) and teams are allocated the same amount of tour points at each venue
  • 16/18 Girls Pool B – Teams 4th match will be a semi-final (1st vs 2nd) or consolation (3rd vs 4th)

Matches are 10 minutes in duration with a minimum 2 minute break in between.


FHS Junior Campus (FHS JC)

  • Enter from Gate 4 off Foot Street
  • Please see attached map for location of courts & toilets

FHS Senior Campus (FHS SC)

  • Enter via Gate 15 off Foot Street
  • Toilets are not located on site – patrons are required to use the toilets located at the Junior Campus
    • This is a 3 min walk each way along Foot St

McClelland College (MCC)

  • Enter via back gate on Alexander Ave
  • Toilets located in adjoining building

Please refer to the attached maps and images to help you find each venue.

Player Registrations

Jaele from 3×3 Hustle will be in touch with teams tomorrow that have outstanding player registrations.

Water/Drink Bottles

  • Players must bring their own drink bottle and sufficient water to last the day
  • School water fountains are closed and FDBA cannot supply drinks at the event


  • Each team is required to supply 1 scorer per match
  • This person must be one of the spectators attending with the team (not an additional person)
  • 1 scorer will operate the scoreboard & the other the scoresheet


  • One non-interchangeable parent or guardian per child may attend as a spectator for supervisory purposes
  • Spectators must stay in their specified location each match – please refer to attached ‘Court Layout’ document for details
    • The first listed team on the fixture is team 1, the second listed is team 2
  • 1 coach per team may attend in addition to the spectators
  • Seating will only be provided for players, staff & scorers as a safety precaution
  • BYO spectator seating, there is some seating outside of the court area at each venue

COVID Safety Measures

  • Face masks – worn if desired by players, all other patrons as per Government requirements
  • All patrons may only enter the venue once the FDBA Bio-Safety Officer has indicated it is clear to do so – this staff member will be wearing a high vis yellow vest
  • All spectators/team officials must sign in via the QR code/attendance registry which will be displayed at the entry to the facilities, players do not need to sign in.
  • Hand sanitiser must be used by all patrons upon arrival
  • Match basketballs will be sanitised by anti-bacterial wipes prior to every match
  • Social distancing of 1.5m is required when not participating in scheduled matches throughout the day
  • All players/spectators/team officials must exit the venue immediately after their last scheduled match to allow for FDBA staff to complete required COVID safety protocol