South East Melbourne Phoenix has launched their NBL21 season membership campaign, Heartland Strong.

Heartland Strong embodies the players, coaches, members, fans, associations, clubs and the entire Heartland community whose strength make the Phoenix special.

Through one of the most challenging years in Victoria’s history, the South East stuck together, supported one another, and are emerging through it stronger than ever.

The Phoenix broke NBL records for a first year franchise last season recording the largest crowd at a home debut and highest first-year average attendance, including two sell-out games at Melbourne Arena.

Phoenix fans were there for for every step of the journey and should look forward to an even more exciting display in season two.

With Cam Gliddon, Ben Moore, Yanni Wetzell and Reuben Te Rangi signing with the club following the recommitment of superstar Mitch Creek, the Phoenix have high expectations for NBL21.

Phoenix CEO Tommy Greer says: “We wanted to land on a statement that reflects our people and our community on and off the court, and one that instils pride in our incredibly loyal membership base.

Heartland Strong represents our hard-working community who look out for one another through good and bad times and rise and fall as one. We pride ourselves on toughness, perseverance, and commitment.

“2020 was an immense challenge for all Victorians. We were pushed down again and again but we continued to get up – that’s how your team will play.

“Our first season was a crazy journey and we simply can’t wait to see what the next step in our story has in store for us with a new roster and growing support.

“As individuals we have strength, but together we are Heartland Strong.”

The NBL21 season is set to tip-off in mid-January, with the fixture announcement to be released by December 3.

South East Melbourne’s inaugural season in NBL20 was about the rise of the Phoenix, in season two, the club will be Heartland Strong.

Phoenix Media (23/11/2020)