The FDBA Board are pleased to announce that CEO Wayne Holdsworth has agreed to an extension of his employment contract with the FDBA until March 2025, this is a 3-year extension on his current tenure.

The FDBA Board and Wayne would like it expressly noted that the terms on which Wayne Commenced employment with the FDBA in March 2019 have not altered for this new contract period.

Since 2019 much has been achieved in terms of growth. Growth in participation, all abilities, performance, relationships, and importantly reputational growth.

The improved Governance model that underpinned the new strategic plan has been instrumental in every decision that has been made by the Association that continues to ensure that we provide a fun, safe, fair, and inclusive environment.

FDBA President Tim Bower said  ”The Board are delighted to extend Wayne’s contract to 2025 and are looking forward to his continued strong leadership of the Association. The next few years are going to be vitally important to the sustainability of the Association as we focus on providing more courts to support our participation growth which is now at record levels”

CEO Wayne Holdsworth said that he was very much looking forward to the next few years to capitalize on the hard work committed, by his hard-working and dedicated team.

“To lead a sporting Association is a privilege and to be a part of this supportive FDBA Board lead superbly by Tim and my team is a pleasure.  We have started well and we now look forward to the future with much optimism. We have a responsibility to provide basketball opportunities for all of our community, including but not limited to Women, Men, Girls, and boys in domestic basketball, all-abilities, representative and elite.”

“We also see our responsibility to provide support in areas of health and well-being. We found out very quickly throughout Covid how sport and community connection is critical to people’s health and well-being.  We also need to provide suitable inclusive basketball facilities for our community.”

“I will continue to serve the basketballing community in this region doing whatever is best for the FDBA every time.”