Frankston City Councillors have voted unanimously to adopt the Frankston Indoor Gymnastics and Basketball Feasibility Study and to continue strong advocacy for a District Basketball and Gymnastics Stadium.

Councillors also noted that the total estimated project cost is approximately $45 million, on the assumption that it is built in one stage and that construction commences in 2024/25.

Together with peak sporting associations, Council will strongly advocate and call on the State and Federal Governments seeking equal future funding contributions of $15 million.

Councillors noted that the design development earmarked to commence in 2023/24 will only commence once funding from the State and Federal Governments is secured. Funding of $50,000 is currently committed in 2021/22 Capital Works budget for the concept development and advocacy efforts.

Council’s proposal to create a state-of-the-art district basketball and gymnastics facilities at Frankston Basketball Stadium has also been adopted as one of five key flagship advocacy priorities requiring a dedicated advocacy campaign for the upcoming federal and state elections.

Mayor Nathan Conroy said the Frankston Basketball Stadium is bursting at the seams due to the popularity of the sport, adding: “The Frankston and District Basketball Association (FDBA) is one of the top five largest participation basketball associations in Victoria, with Basketball Victoria considering it the regional hub for basketball in the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region.”

The Bayside Gymnastics Club is a community-based not for profit gymnastics club that delivers recreational, semi competitive and competitive gymnastics programs. The club attracts children and families from across the region.

The club has secured an agreement with the Monterey Secondary College, allowing the club to have a permanent home for at least three to five years, however this will not provide for their long term needs.

Mayor Conroy said: “Frankston has a growing basketball and gymnastics participation that is higher than the State participation rate average thanks to a young, active and growing population.

“The Frankston Basketball Stadium is at full capacity during peak operation hours for indoor courts and is beginning to show its age. The stadium does not meet the contemporary sport industry facility standards.

“Bayside Gymnastics Club needs a new fit for purpose home – allowing secure tenure for the club and supporting the growth of programming and participation. The club is predicted to attract over 400 participants and will require access to a district size gymnastics hall that can provide for the full athlete pathways of programs,” the Mayor said.

Deputy Mayor Suzette Tayler said a new District Basketball and Gymnastics Stadium will create a financially viable stadium for the community.

Cr Tayler said: “The District Basketball and Gymnastics Stadium project has had strong community support, with 73 per cent of responses to Council’s Draft Advocacy Priorities being recorded as satisfied or very satisfied with the project listing.

“The community has asked for increased basketball facilities and improved recreational facilities for all ages, abilities and interests throughout the Council Plan and Community Plan development.”

FDBA CEO Wayne Holdsworth said: “This a golden moment in our Association’s history. We acknowledge the enormous amount of work that has been done by Council to assess the ever growing requirement for basketball courts in this region.

“We thank and support the Council’s desire to refurbish the building and to build additional courts,” Mr Holdsworth said.

The FDBA boasts an 8,000 strong membership and over 900 teams using 21 courts across 8 venues every Saturday including many secondary schools.

“We look forward to continuing to work closely with council to find solutions to our ongoing court shortage challenge,” Mr Holdsworth said.

Bayside Gymnastics Club President Joyce Stocker said: “Bayside Gymnastics Club looks forward to working in partnership with the FDBA and Frankston City Council in the advocacy campaign to State and Federal Governments for funding towards the project.

“This upgrade will make accessible the countless opportunities available to young people interested in participating or working in the sport.”

Ms Stocker said the 2019 AUSPLAY survey results released in 2020 found that for organised activities, gymnastics has the third highest female participation for children aged up to 10 years (behind swimming and dancing) and has the fourth highest overall participation for children aged up to 10 years behind swimming, basketball and AFL.

“For organised sport, gymnastics is the second highest participation sport for children up to 10 years (behind swimming) and in total has 12.9 per cent of all Australian girls aged up to 14 years taking part,” Ms Stocker said.

For more details about Council’s commitment to advocacy, please click here.

Published Frankston City Council (07/12/2021)