The Winter Season has come to a close for 2023 after 37 Senior Grand Finals played across five days of competition.

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To kickstart the night we had the Midnight Marauders trying to defend their Masters Men O35’s title. The Paperboys managed to clinch victory by eight points in front of a big crowd.

The Sunday Men went to battle in a top-of-the-table clash, Bricklayers (Wilcox) had the wood over Kingston Comets Men in the regular season, but ultimately fell short in their Grand Final matchup by five points.

Charged did everything they could in the Sunday Mixed A Grand Final, leading by three with only 10 seconds left. Some last-second heroics from Velvet Thunder’s Daniel Green sealed the victory – with two clutch free throws, a rebound off his third free throw attempt, and a basket, to squeeze by with a one-point win.

JUST JETS nearly did enough to come from fourth position to win a championship, but Hoops I Did It Again knocked down five threes to eclipse them by six points in the Mixed B Grand Final.

The Mixed C division championship was claimed by the Jagerbombers as Peter Warden and James Hurford combined for 33 points against the Slacey Jane Salmons.

Division Matchup Score MVP
Sunday Masters Men πŸ† Paperboys def. Midnight Marauders 43-35 πŸ… Stewart Devine (21 pts)
Sunday Men A πŸ† Kingston Comets Men def. Bricklayers (Wilcox) 32-27 πŸ… Phil Cooper (10 pts)
Sunday Mixed A Charged def by. Velvet Thunder πŸ† 41-42 πŸ… Daniel Green (13 pts)
Sunday Mixed B πŸ† Hoops I Did It Again! def. JUST JETS 39-33 πŸ… Jacob Godkin (17 pts)
Sunday Mixed C Slacey Jane Salmons def by. Jagerbombers πŸ† 39-48 πŸ… James Hurford (20 pts)
FDBA Life Member Peter Lawler and the Paperboys claim grand final glory in the Masters division.
FDBA Life Member Peter Lawler and the Paperboys claim grand final glory in the Masters division.


The Monday Morning Women got the day off to a cracking start, with an absolute nail-biter – Wii not Fit couldn’t win their second straight title, falling to Npire by two points.

The Vales hit form at the right time of year, and with the help of 35 points from the Duursma brothers, were able to seal victory by 11. However, it was the defensive and offensive efforts of the NBL1 Assistant Coach, Adam Jackson, who took home MVP honours for The Flow.

The Flinders Crusaders staked their claim to be moved up to Champ Men, with a big 25 points win over the formidable Jail Blazers.

The strongest teams all season in B2 – Seven Footer’s and Ninkasi lost four games combined all season. Jared Eames did what he could for Ninkasi (14 pts) to keep them within reach but the firepower from Seven Footer’s was too much.

The Nook had their eyes on coming home from fourth position. However, Frosty Ballers had other ideas, securing an eight-point Grand Final victory in the C1 division.

Two of the FDBA’s new teams that joined this Winter, Basic Beaches and The Expendables went toe-to-toe. The Beaches proved too strong as they ran out 18-point winners on the back of Marcus Vallesi’s 20 pts.

Clockin Out has roared home from fourth place to end this finals series. McGennisken, Lans & Fulton combined for a whopping nine threes and 55 points in the Grand Final. William Gayfer did his best to drag Bayside Supersonics across the line with an impressive 31-point performance – however, it wasn’t quite enough, Clockin Out winning 65-58.

Klooster (23 pts) and Dwyer-Morris (31 pts) duelled it out in the D1 Grand Final for Nudg1e and The Morticians. Unlucky for Nudg1e, falling short by 13 points.

After falling short from fourth position last season, Everdaman finished fourth again, but this time finished the job. Claiming an eight-point Grand Final win at the expense of the first-placed Baxter Tavs.

The D3 Grand Final saw Broth put Walking Dead to the sword with an outstanding 34-point victory. Brodie Tibballs impressed with 17 pts.

Sam Edwards’ five triples carried the Disco Ninjas to Grand Final glory, as they dispatched the Karingal Knights by 22 in the D4 division.

Division Matchup Score MVP
Monday Morning Women πŸ† Npire Demons def. Wii not Fit 28-26 πŸ… Renae Saunders (19 pts)
Monday Championship Men The Flow def by. Vales πŸ† 47-58 πŸ… Adam Jackson* (18 pts)
Monday Men B1 πŸ† Flinders Crusaders def. Jail Blazers 59-34 πŸ… Damian Stevens (27 pts)
Monday Men B2 πŸ† Seven Footer’s def. Ninkasi 59-48 πŸ… Kade Porter (14 pts)
Monday Men C1 πŸ† Frosty Ballers def. The Nook 45-37 πŸ… Jared Simpson (11 pts)
Monday Men C2 πŸ† Basic Beaches def. The Expendables 46-28 πŸ… Marcus Vallesi (20 pts)
Monday Men C3 Bayside Supersonics def by. Clockin Out πŸ† 58-65 πŸ… William Gayfer* (31 pts)
Monday Men D1 Nudg1e def by. The Morticians πŸ† 34-47 πŸ… Jacomo Dwyer-Morris (31 pts)
Monday Men D2 Baxter Tavs def by. Everdaman πŸ† 41-49 πŸ… Jarred Stanes (25 pts)
Monday Men D3 πŸ† broth def. Walking Dead 44-10 πŸ… Brodie Tibballs (17 pts)
Monday Men D4 πŸ† Disco Ninjas def. Karingal Knights 48-26 πŸ… Sam Edwards (23 pts)

(*) Denotes a player who wins an MVP in a runners up team


Rogue Elephants were seeking Grand Final redemption from last season and prevailed. With four players eclipsing double figures, they proved to be the best Tuesday Men’s team of the Winter 2023 season.

Donning the retro Freo’ Dockers jerseys, the Anchormen won the clubs first premiership, coming home with a wet sail over the Duke Blue Devils in B grade.

The battle of the bears in the C1 division. Peninsula Bears found themselves in foul trouble and couldn’t quite find their rhythm, falling short to the Drizzly Bears by 11 points.

Despite finishing lower on the ladder, the Winners went into the game as favourites, only losing one game all season. The Turnovers flipped the script and secured a six-point Grand Final victory thanks to 22 points from Luke Jones.

Eight triples wasn’t enough for the South End Spirit Titans as they got dispatched by the Amstel Ballers who piled on 60 points, including 34 from the deadly duo of Filip Bara and Kurt Hendrickson.

A Winter 2023 record 23 free throws made between each team in the D2 Grand Final. Inspirational leader Erol Enez helped the MiniMe Giants pull off a mini-upset against Bricklayers (Allisey), with Steve Laurie and Sam Evans chipping in with 25 points combined.

Division Matchup Score MVP
Tuesday Men A Feanos def by. Rogue Elephants πŸ† 37-54 πŸ… Jack Orchard (14 pts)
Tuesday Men B πŸ† The Anchormen def. Duke Blue Devils 40-31 πŸ… Liam Carroll (11 pts)
Tuesday Men C1 πŸ† Drizzly Bears def. Peninsula Bears 40-29 πŸ… Daniel Jones (16 pts)
Tuesday Men C2 Winners def by. Turnovers πŸ† 32-38 πŸ… Luke Jones (22 pts)
Tuesday Men D1 πŸ† Amstel Ballers def. South End Spirit Titans 60-39 πŸ… Filip Bara (32 pts)
Tuesday Men D2 Bricklayers (Allisey) def. MiniMe Giants πŸ† 29-35 πŸ… Steve Laurie (13 pts)


An undermanned Los Amigos squad couldn’t stop the Wombats from winning back-to-back A-grade titles. Ashley McSweeney (13 pts) and Jaime Wallis (15 pts) starred in the 12-point victory.

Three players scoring double figures helped the Lizards claim the B grade title as they warded off the young and upcoming Capys squad by 14 points.

Bank You Very Much completed their undefeated run since round two. Putting together an outstanding team performance in the C grade Grand Final to overcome Send It 2.0 by five points.

Coming back from finishing in 8th position in the Summer competition, the Blue Flames blitzed their final game of the Winter season. Defeating the Raptors by 22, including 15 points from Lacey Taylor.

Mumosas gave Southside Slammers a scare in the qualifying final, falling short by five points. Southside Slammers took care of business when meeting again in the Grand Final, triumphing by 15 points.

The Wright sisters gave The Team of Dreams nightmares on Court 1 Wednesday night as they combined for 33 points for the Ballerz’. The experienced Ballerz’ team kept their composure to emerge 19-point winners.

Milk Lizards were out for redemption Wednesday night after getting pipped in the Grand Final last season. This time around they took over down the stretch with Ben Bradley Bridge’s playmaking and overall sportsmanship shining through on the night.

Pump and the Average Joe’s went down to the wire. The Joe’s nearly had a three-point-play chance go their way to tie the game but the ball just wouldn’t drop for them. Pump eventually claimed victory by three.

Bricklayers had a chance to tie and take the lead with some last-second shots. To SKIPPY’s delight, they escaped with some opposition missed free throws and a two-point Grand Final win.

Division Matchup Score MVP
Wednesday Women A Los Amigos def by. Wombats πŸ† 18-30 πŸ… Ashley McSweeney (13 pts)
Wednesday Women B The Capys def by. Lizards πŸ† 23-37 πŸ… Katrina O’Brien (12 pts)
Wednesday Women C πŸ† Bank You Very Much def. Send it 2.0 28-23 πŸ… Hannah Dixon (9 pts)
Wednesday Women D1 πŸ† Blue Flames def. Raptors 37-15 πŸ… Lacey Taylor (15 pts)
Wednesday Women D2 πŸ† Southside Slammers def. Mumosas 32-17 πŸ… Nicole Walravens (14 pts)
Wednesday Mixed A The Team of Dreams def by. Ballerz’ πŸ† 37-56 πŸ… Ashley Wright (27 pts)
Wednesday Mixed B πŸ† Milk Lizards def. Dark Souls 37-16 πŸ… Ben Bradley Bridge (3 pts)
Wednesday Mixed C πŸ† Pump def. Average Joe’s 37-34 πŸ… Kara Turner (15 pts)
Wednesday Mixed D πŸ† SKIPPY def. Bricklayers 30-28 πŸ… Blake Goodridge (5 pts)


The Supremes lost more games than they won in the regular season, making their A-grade premiership one to behold. Liam Whitehead sunk five triples for the winners, and Brodie Eaton followed close behind with four from long range – Supremes by six over the first-placed Heat.

In their debut season in FDBA competition, the DILFs have emerged as winners in the B grade division. Ben Taylor starred for the victors with 25 points, but Liam Murphy was the hero of the night, claiming the MVP award against the Doja Cats.

Summer 2020/21 was the last time the Gecko’s set foot on the FDBA hardwood, and they didn’t disappoint in their return. They lost only three games all season, including a qualifying final loss against DC’s. The Gecko’s proved themselves in the Grand Final, returning the favour to the DC’s, with an eight-point win.

The Average Joes (Thur) sat atop of the ladder by season’s end, however, found themselves undermanned during the finals series. Word G added salt to the wound, piling on the points in a 24-point win.

Losing one game all season, MIB was out to take care of business. However, their one loss came against the MiniMe Giants so it was going to be no easy feat. Some MiniMe foul trouble and a clutch late three by Dean Walles sealed the deal – MIB running out three-point winners.

Tims balls took the underdog role in this one after being dispatched by the Kellie Underwood’s in the D2 Qualifying Final. Their meeting again in the Grand Final was a high-scoring affair. Eight triples from the Kellie Underwood’s helped keep this game close, but it wasn’t enough as Tims Balls got the job done by eight.

Division Matchup Score MVP
Thursday Men A Heat def by. The Supremes πŸ† 40-46 πŸ… Brodie Eaton (14 pts)
Thursday Men B Doja Cats def by. DILFs πŸ† 32-55 πŸ… Liam Murphy (3 pts)
Thursday Men C1 DC’s def by. Gecko’s πŸ† 26-34 πŸ… Nathan Bourke (15 pts)
Thursday Men C2 πŸ† Word G def. Average Joes (Thur) 36-12 πŸ… Morgan Woodward (13 pts)
Thursday Men D1 πŸ† MIB def. MiniMe Giants 33-30 πŸ… Ethan Ross (15 pts)
Thursday Men D2 Kellie Underwood’s def by. Tims Balls πŸ† 47-55 πŸ… Allan Knox (18 pts)