Dear Members

Basketball Victoria has launched a campaign FDBA will be engaging with, which targets our basketball community to provide an appropriate environment for referees under the age of 18:

In August 2023, an Association Memo was released to all members which touched on participant behaviour and referee respect. This memo is underpinned by the Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct and FDBA Participant Behaviour Policy:

Throughout the next few weeks all referees under the age of 18 will transition to a green whistle and lanyard, highlighting the role they play at FDBA as a junior referee and to ensure participants are acutely aware of the referees’ age.

It goes without saying that no referee deserves abuse, however those under the age of 18 require additional protection so that they may focus on their role and not be deterred from officiating.

FDBA must provide a safe environment for all officials, and this is a step designed to protect them.

When you see a referee wearing a green whistle and lanyard, please remember you are dealing with a child.


Mitchell Condick – Operations Manager