Christian Tatman, Frankston Standard Leader

A FLUKE basketball shot has seen a Frankston dad win a bet with his daughter that will save him money for the rest of his life.

Tim Bower and daughter Kiara share the same easygoing smile, ready laugh and passion for basketball.

Mr Bower was Kiara’s basketball coach throughout her primary school years and gave his now 16-year-old daughter a love of the game.

Their commitment to the game has seen Mr Bower become a board member of the Frankston Blues and his daughter recently play in the Blues under-18s girls (firsts) premiership team.

So it wasn’t surprising when a game of one-on-one backyard basketball became a “little competitive”.

Tiring after an hour or so, the pair then embarked on a series of trick shots accompanied by outlandish bets.

For one of Kiara’s shots, her father declared: “If you get this you don’t have to go to school.”

What happened next saw the pair become YouTube sensations and Mr Bower dubbed the dad who saved “millions of dollars” thanks to a freak shot.

Mr Bower stood about 6m away from the ring with his back to it; Kiara, filming with an iPad, made a bold bet: “If this goes in, I will not make you pay one more dollar for anything I want.”

His shot went over the ring and backboard, but then hit a fence and miraculously popped back over to go through the ring.

The screams of disbelief from the pair, particularly Kiara, are a delight to watch in the clip, which has been placed on YouTube and is now pushing towards four million views.

“It was total luck, a total fluke,” Mr Bower said.

Pinching himself, Mr Bower was struck by the freak nature of his shot and “how much money am I going to save”.

Kiara added: “I screamed — I wanted to cry … we had done so many (trick shots) I knew it was not going to go in.

“I thought I was safe.”

Mr Bower said the look on his daughter’s face after the shot went in was priceless.

Kiara, who is starting to waiver on keeping up her end of the bet, joked: “It’s going to be a long life.”

Having shot to fame on YouTube, the pair is now weighing up whether they can make a sequel with another freak trick shot.