Sport Physiotherapist Lachlan Goodison, was kept busy Saturday night whilst working as “Game Night” physio for the ‘Laser Electrical’ Blues Women in their home game against the Canberra Capitals Academy.

Import Tocarra Ross, sprained her ankle early in the second term and was helped to the bench by Lachlan and team coach Simon Mitchell. Not long after Lachlan had finished applying compressive taping and ice for Tocarra, team captain Sammie Simmons, went down with a dislocated knee cap.

The spectators in attendance were able witness first hand the deft skills of Lachlan, as he manipulated Sammie’s patella back into its correct position where she lay within seconds of the injury occurring. This came to the relief to the captain who was in considerable pain with the dislocation. The sight of a patella sitting way outside the knee with the player clasping in agony was not for the faint-hearted and many a groan was echoed around the court by those who saw the action unfold.

SEABL 2018 Rnd 4. Frankston Blues women v Canberra Capitals on 28th April 2018 at Frankston Basketball Stadium. Digital image by Peter Knight / Ian Knight Photography © 2018

Lachlan, has been Senior Sports Physio for the Blues men’s and women’s teams for longer than he cares to remember. When asked was it often that he was called upon to perform “relocation’s”.

“Thankfully not” he replied. “Though not a season of sport would go by where I don’t have to relocate a shoulder, finger or elbow. This was my fifth patella in as many years and I was glad I was there to help Sammy” he went on to say.

Both girls will be undertaking extensive and daily rehabilitation at Langwarrin Sports Medicine Centre under Lachlan’s expert guidance and he hopes he can have Tocarra, back within a week and perhaps a little longer for Sammy, pending the outcome of mandatory x-rays and how long it takes to resolve her swelling and inflammation.

Whilst, many a game goes by where a Sports Physio will have little to do other than clean up a scratch, its reassuring to know that should a serious incident occur the Blues, are in good hands with their longest sponsors – Peninsula Sports Medicine Group.

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