Well time does fly when you are kinda having fun. I have been with the FDBA as General Manager for 4 Months now and it seems just like yesterday that I started.

In this time I have learnt much about the workings of a basketball association but its proven clear that to be successful we need to ensure the following 4 aspects are being managed well:

  • Finances
  • Membership
  • Facilities
  • Relationships

The Board of Management have had 2 workshops to develop our strategic plan for the next 5 years which has been road tested by our stakeholders and will be shared with our basketball community.

We have developed a number of policy’s and procedures to ensure we operate within a good governance structure.  These include:

A snapshot but not exhaustive list of matters attended to are:

  • We have developed a sub committee to review our constitution to ensure its relevance
  • We have commenced the process of establishing a budget for 2020
  • We have re-engaged our Finance sub committee
  • We are now more transparent with what we do

Our facility is dated and it does not adequately provide for the many thousands of participants we have play the game in this region. We use satellite venues to host many games. We have spent a significant amount on the refurbishments of both the Women’s and Men’s toilets along with a refurbishment of our canteen that was not compliant. Our focus is on refurbishment and development.

We have repaired all of the relationships that were ‘strained’ and now have a working and respectful relationship with each level of Government, yet we still need to demonstrate a substantial time sample for genuine trust to be built. Our relationship with our peak body Basketball Victoria is back to where it should be and we are working collaboratively with them.

A HUGE WEEKEND OF HOOPS FOR FRANKSTON: FDBA Board of Management hosting a number of special guests Sunday 7th July 2019, including Frankston City Council Mayor Michael O’Reilly, Member of Parliament Peta Murphy and Basketball Victoria’s President Mike Bainbridge and CEO Nick Honey.

I encourage any person that is in anyway connected to our Association to reach out to me if they require information of a strategic manner, I am at the stadium most days and my door is very rarely closed. My coffee preference is flat white.

The Team here at the Association are dedicated, talented and decent. Dion, Mitch, Jarryd, Daniel and Jenny are all good hard working people that have been very loyal to the Association. They all have their areas of expertise and I rely on them heavily to get my job done.

In May a new Board was elected and positions were ratified. They are now lead by Tim Bower as President and Grant Dennis was as Vice President and are intelligent and process driven. They do not get involved in the operation of the business, rather keep me accountable to the strategic plan.

May I on behalf of the basketball fraternity extend our deepest condolences to our wonderful Life Member Gabrielle Hore and her family on their tragic losses recently.

I would also on behalf of the FDBA and its participants extend our best wishes to Federal Member for Dunkley and our friend Peta Murphy as she faces her health battles.

Finally to all of those girls and boys of ages from 5 to 70 thank you for choosing to play basketball here at Frankston.

Go well.


Wayne Holdsworth – General Manager