Frankston Blues program partner Peninsula Sports Medicine Group provide physiotherapy to all of our NBL1 players. Recently Ned Weideman injured his ankle at a practise. Physiotherapist Brendan Young has provided an injury report:

“Ned Weideman sprained his ankle during a pre-season training in early February – he presented to me the following day with a swollen and sore lateral ankle sprain (LAS), and described a mechanism in which his ankle rolled outwards upon change of direction – the most common way to sprain an ankle.

Assessment was conducted to rule out fracture or other bony injury, and determine the severity of injury. It was diagnosed as a grade 2 lateral ankle sprain which involves ligament damage to the outside of the ankle but no fracture.

A common injury seen at the clinic – Ned got straight to work getting some early movement and swelling management underway. We also taped the ankle which made him feel confident on his feet and able to walk normally.

His strength and conditioning was modified to remove explosive movements but he was able to maintain all strength work that involved his feet being planted on the ground. He missed 3 weeks of trainings as his ability to jump, hop, run and change direction improved – but kept strong in the gym.

Tailored strength and balance exercises to improve his ankle strength and stability, along with Ned being a strong and dedicated athlete meant that what initially looked like a 4-6 week injury flew along quickly. Having successfully completed return to sport testing and a full training session, he will tonight return to the court for the team’s first practice match just over 3 weeks since injury having made a full recovery.”

More information on ankle sprains is available on the website HERE