Frankston Blues is a club built on a culture of “Never Giving In” and having a solution based mindset. Last week’s announcements from State Government about a return to lock-down restrictions and a subsequent announcement from Basketball Victoria regarding the cancellation of the 2019/2020 VJBL season was certainly disappointing and will have tested the resolve of many of our members. However in true Frankston fashion our members have responded and shared their voice with us, this is just a set-back, and our coaches, players and staff are keen to bounce back!

We are pleased to present the Blues From Home strategy that will carry us through to the end of this 2nd wave of restrictions, our Blues families came forward and had their say on what type of programs they wanted to see – this is a plan built for Blues families by Blues families!

As always our Senior Blues players and coaches were quick to jump at the opportunity to get involved led by our Senior Coaches Andrew Harms and Belinda Snell and players Abby Chernishoff, Lachlan Barker, Kassie Boorer, Dan Trist and Saraid Taylor amongst many others.


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A quick message from Abby Chernishoff! Stay safe and stay active!

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We’ve also reached out to a number of professionals from different industries to run Webinars, Q&A’s and personal development sessions for our coaches, players and parents. Topics included are nutrition, mental health, US College pathways and cooking.

Week 1 of our Blues From Home schedule will be released Friday evening with communications going out to our parents tomorrow around what questions they would like to see addressed in next week’s Q&A’s and Webinars.

The FDBA staff would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our families that completed the survey and provided positive feedback on our approach to the first lockdown, we’d also like to acknowledge the continued efforts of our Junior Blues Coaches and Team Managers as they continue to engage with their teams and families.

For any enquiries about the program please contact FDBA Basketball Development Manager, Jarryd Moss: